November 26, 2019 , Popi’s Italian Restaurant, 3120 South 20th Street

General Meeting Notice

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 Notice to Licensed Electrical Contractors

 Bill No. 120776 Passed 04 25 13 Signed 05 08 13.pdf

                            City of Phila. New Requirement                       

Our Mission  


Our I.E.C.A., chartered in 1935 by a group of energetic electricians,
or as we say today, Electrical Contractors, felt that in unity between men of like trade,
strength knowledge and brotherhood, plus cooperation and one voice to speak for all, could be accomplished.
We feel that this aim has been fulfilled.


Tall in our growth of over 72 years, we have shown all concerned,
what can be accomplished through unity, strength and quality.
Our I.E.C.A. has now taken it's rightful position alongside other groups.
This is shown by the respect and counseling given to other associations.


We feel that the I.E.C.A. has just begun to grow.
With our aims and purposes much more can be realized and our voice
grow stronger in strength in the affairs of the Electrical Contractor in this area.


Let each member pledge himself to the aims of the I.E.C.A. 
Let each member shake the hand of his fellow members and say, 'While we may compete in business, we are friends and will remain so.'


As members and friends we combine our voices in unison to our aims and purposes and say, "forward."